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Decore Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Decore Kitchen Cabinet Doors

NEW GALLERY IMAGES! We’ve recently added several new images to our gallery collection! Whether you prefer kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, or offices, we’ve carefully selected inspiring images from several different homes!
EXPLORE OUR PRODUCTS… Doors & Drawer Fronts
Choose from 13 different construction and design options!
Butt Joint
Five piece construction with stiles and rails joining at a 90 degree angle in the corners.
Miter Joint
5-piece construction assembled with stiles and rails joining in the corners at a 45 degree angle.
Raised Panel
A raised panel is made of solid wood that brings the panel height level to the frame.
Recessed Panel
Solid, flat doors available in a variety of materials.
Solid, flat doors available in a variety of materials.
Edge Banded
Flat panel doors with banding applied to the edges.
Veneer Raised Panel
5-piece door construction with the raised panel routed in MDF and covered with high-quality veneer.
5-Piece (RTF)
5-piece wrapped 3-D laminate frames give the appearance of a wood door.
Beaded Panel
Routed grooves in the panel give the distinct beaded look.
1-Piece (RTF, MDF)
Starting with an MDF core, these solid pieces are typically routed to give them their unique design.
Rope Molding
5-piece door construction with additional rope molding applied to the face of the door.
Louver Style
Solid doors with a louver style look.
Applied Molding
5-piece door construction with additional molding applied to the face of the door to give a more elaborate look.
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Enjoy exploring the new…

Enjoy exploring the new…


Our easy-to-use design offers enhanced imagery, improved search, and detailed information about all of our products. We’ve also increased the functionality of our Anytime™ Online Account Management to provide customers with a more exciting, intuitive, ordering experience. Enjoy exploring the new…

STREAMLINE™ your project by ordering your cabinet doors, drawer boxes, components, moldings, accessories, hardware, and finishing from our extensive offering.
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Materials & Finishes
Choose from a diverse collection of wood, RTF, laminate, veneer, melamine, aluminum, and FSC materials. Enhance your project with our industry leading water-based finishes.
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This dramatic refacing job transformed the kitchen of this mountain cabin to better fit its home design and natural surroundings. Includes: Revere Solid DF (800D) with OE1 and Revere 5-Piece (800P).
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Design Styles
Do you come alive in the country? Feel energized by the pulse of the city? Start the journey to your newly designed space by exploring the design style that fits you best.
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Decore Brands
We invite you to learn more about the brands of Decore and see how they can benefit your business. The products shown within each brand can be viewed in their own product sections.
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Videos, Learn and FAQ’s
The hub of information where you can learn more about specific products, services, and even industry trends. Quick search for articles, FAQ’s or videos.
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Decore Blog
Our new Blog serves as the hub of our news center; look for regular updates with industry news, questions and answers, how-to articles and human interest stories, so stay tuned and check back often.
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Enhanced Anytime™ Online Ordering … Order – Schedule – Ship!

The enhanced AnyTime ordering system fullfills many of the requests from our customers for new features and enhanced flexibility. Some of which include the ability to place orders online, save and come back later to complete an order, view past orders, even view and print current or past invoices.

» New Enhanced Interface:
With color images of products, materials and finish swatches and even line-art to help you easily and accurately place your order online.
» Never Ending Sessions:
Your session never expires, no matter how long it takes you to complete your order once you start. Come back at any time in the future and your order will still be available for you, in your account and ready to complete.
» Online Order Templates:
Do you order many of the same items? Then you’re going to love our new Anytime Online Order templates to help speed the ordering process!