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Making Your Kitchen Colors Pop With Excitement

With just the right cabinet color, you can change the entire feel of your kitchen. Painted kitchen cabinets bring out the grain and the texture of natural wood and add a pleasant and peaceful feeling to your entire home. Decore-ative Specialties offers five distinct collections to provide the perfect look for your kitchen cabinets whether you enjoy a modern feel or a more traditional atmosphere.

Kitchen Colors

Add Beautiful Color to Your Home With Water-based Finishing

Sometimes the best way to choose a pop of color for your kitchen cabinets is to take cues from your dinnerware or a favorite piece of art. If you want to encourage people to eat in your kitchen, consider painting your cabinets a bright red that creates an edgy distinct look. Research shows this color is a stimulant and bright cheerful colors will persuade people to enjoy the meals you prepare. Even if red doesn’t work with your color scheme – you should think about making a statement with your kitchen cabinets and other finishes in the space. Although storage is important in your kitchen, your cabinets should also show off your personality with creative drawer boxes, draws or cabinet fronts.

Kitchen cabinets can add beautiful color to your home with water-based finishing. Creating a black and white color palate can bring back fond memories for your family and your guests. Installing modern wood tone cabinets with chrome knobs, pulls, hinges and other hardware can add the perfect touch to your stylish kitchen and stainless steel appliances will finish off the look. Choosing the right Most people end up entertaining in the kitchen while food is being prepared and conversation is enjoyed. Make sure your kitchen shows off your unique style and personality with an unexpected finish or color on your cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Finishing to Enhance Happiness

Have you ever walked into a friend’s newly remodeled kitchen and just felt happy? Maybe it’s the clean look and feel of the new cabinets, or maybe it’s the color. Everyone knows that color can make people feel a certain way and the same can be said for the diverse collection of water-based finishes available at Decore-ative Specialties.

Personalizing your kitchen cabinets can create a happy and welcoming atmosphere. Colors like blue or gray create a calming effect and can take away stress after a long day. Depending on the other types of finishes in the kitchen, choosing the right cabinets will enhance your space. If you have dark colored flooring in your kitchen, you should probably consider light cabinets. Choosing a light water-based finish will give your cabinets an elegant look that will reflect light and give your space a cheerful mood.

If you have light colored hardwood floors or tile in your kitchen, you may want to consider darker cabinets. Virginica Brown or Rye are warm sophisticated colors that will add a cozy feel to your kitchen which is often the heart of the home. If your kitchen is open to your family room or dining room, make sure the finishes on your cabinet coordinate with the other colors in the area.

Many homes also show off a large island in the kitchen. When choosing the color for the cabinets – you might want to try a contrasting finish to give the island its own unique look. If your upper cabinets are a light color, consider a darker color on the island or lower cabinet. It’s amazing the impact kitchen cabinets can make in your home and the attitude of your entire family. If you want to create a happy home, decorate your kitchen with beautiful bright colors that make people feel good.
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