A Beautifully Designed Walk-in Closet is an Instant Upgrade

A Beautifully Designed Walk-in Closet is an Instant Upgrade

Closets are often overlooked when people begin tailoring their homes to suit their needs and desires, but adding custom closets, especially in the bedroom, can really add dramatic appeal and value to a home. Watch any of the reality shows that are dedicated to flipping, selling or redecorating a home, and one of the first things buyers want or remark upon is a gorgeous walk-in closet. A beautifully designed walk-in closet is an instant upgrade to a home that can make it appear classier and more high-end than a similar abode with an ordinary closet.

If your home doesn’t already have a nicely designed walk-in closet, you can have cabinets and wardrobes built to order to fit into your existing closet. Your new wardrobe and cabinets can either be built into the existing walls or created as a stand-alone piece. There really is no reason for anyone today to continue living with a poorly designed closet with little shelving and wasted space when one phone call will bring an expert to your home who can finally create exactly the walk-in closet of your dreams.

Custom Walk-in Closets Aren’t Just a Status Symbol

Custom walk-in closets aren’t just a status symbol either. They are truly valuable for a number of reasons. A custom walk-in closet will reduce the eyesore that clutter and disorganization creates. In a poorly designed closet, shoes are thrown in a heap on the floor, clothing is piled on top of each other and a lot of usable space is sadly wasted.

With custom closets, everything in your wardrobe, from skirts to pants to shoes to accessories, has a designated space. Depending on your preferences and space, you can have a custom closet service build specially designed shelving for your shoes or drawers to hold your scarves and belts. Think of all the time you will save in the future getting ready for work when all of your accessories and wardrobe pieces are easy to see and find.

Create Custom Wardrobes

An experienced closet designer can create custom wardrobes that take advantage of every nook and cranny; you will probably find that you have more room in your closet. With the proper design, even the spaces at the top of your closet or the hard-to-reach, hidden corners will be opened up for storage use.

If adding beauty, as well as function to your home is important, don’t settle for pre-fab closet units that look cheap and weren’t designed for your specific closet. An experienced cabinet maker will create your walk-in closet out of fine materials, such as oak and glass, and then finish them to echo the look of your home.

Finally, while you may not be thinking about selling your home at the present time, it is important to note that a new walk-in closet will definitely add value to your house, and it is definitely one of the things that buyers remember when comparing different units for purchase. According to Realtormag’s website, the official magazine of the National Association of Realtors, a beautiful walk-in closet is one of the top items that a buyer looks for in a new home.

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