Drawer Boxes – A Small Detail That Can Make or Break Your Remodel

Drawer Boxes – A Small Detail That Can Make or Break Your Remodel

In life, it’s often the small things, the fine details that can make your day-to-day existence seem just a little better. Unfortunately, it is also the small things that can be a source of endless irritation, as well. For instance, those cheaply made bathroom or kitchen drawer boxes that seem to slide open as if guided by little demon hands — you can shut them, but they will immediately taunt you by sliding open again. Even a neat as a pin room looks messy when drawer boxes have slid open or cabinet doors are ajar.

Properly made, high-quality drawer boxes will never let a homeowner down like this. They always stay closed when shut, refusing to listen to those imaginary spirits that try to pry them open. In addition, the best drawer boxes incorporate unique drawer slides that actually slow down the closing process so that they shut with a graceful, smooth action rather than an abrupt slam. If you are remodeling your home with new cabinets and drawer boxes, this is one of those features that is often overlooked but can make the difference between an average job and a high-end one.

Drawer Boxes for Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Because drawer boxes are not one of those high profile items like cabinet doors or a new granite counter top, many homeowners are tempted to skimp on these when deciding on what features to pay top dollar for and which pieces to purchase cheaply. The reality is that homeowners who equip their houses with cheaply made kitchen or bathroom drawer boxes will quickly come to regret their decision. The slides on poorly made boxes are apt to break loose or the bottoms of an overloaded junk drawer will begin to fall off. Few things are as aggravating as having items start breaking or falling apart only a few weeks after a remodeling job has been completed.

So how do you ensure that the drawer boxes that are used in your kitchen or bathroom remodel are of top quality? Talk with your cabinet installer or remodeling contractor and insist that you want him to use drawer boxes that have been crafted by an experienced manufacturer. In addition, ask him to use drawers that incorporate the unique gliding system that allows them to come to a close slowly and smoothly. One manufacturer; Decore-ative Specialties, incorporates this feature into every one of the elegant drawer boxes it crafts. In addition, because this company has five manufacturing facilities, it can also deliver your wooden drawer boxes in a timely manner.

Drawer Boxes and Matching Cabinet Doors

Decore-ative Specialties’ drawer boxes and matching cabinet doors can be crafted of any available wood species and can be finished in a whole range of colors, styles and designs. Drawer boxes can be constructed with different joint construction types, as well, either in a dovetail drawer box style or nailed. Additionally, because this company carries a large selection of hardware options, it will not have a problem making sure that your drawer box finishing fits the look and style of the rest of your home.

Homeowners should not be tempted into skimping on drawer boxes, just because they tend to be one of the most low-profile items in a remodeling job. Quality drawer boxes will never disappoint, while poorly built ones can lead to years of irritation and regret.

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