The Importance of Custom Drawer Boxes

The Importance of Custom Drawer Boxes

As remodeling costs start to add up, many homeowners are tempted to skimp on some of the details, reasoning that if something is out of sight, it will be out of mind. The truth is that it is these small details that can actually determine how a homeowner will feel about the final remodeling job once it has been completed, and he or she is actually spending time in a new kitchen or bathroom on a daily basis.

It is particularly important not to skimp on features that involve moving parts, such as cabinet doors and drawer boxes. Cheap versions of these items will eventually break, crack or not open or shut properly.

Excellent Quality Custom Drawer Boxes

Contractors and installers should be especially careful when working with homeowners who insist that they want to use cheaply constructed drawers instead of drawer boxes from a reputable manufacturer. These professionals should always remember that it is their reputation that is on the line, so if they were to use a cheap drawer box and the slides were to fall off or the bottom were to start to crack under load, that is what the homeowner is going to think about every time he uses that drawer.

A contractor or an installer may have completed the most beautiful remodeling job for a client, but in the long run, he probably won’t get a good referral because all the homeowner can think about are the lousy drawer boxes that aggravate him on a daily basis. Worse yet, some homeowners may forget that using the cheap drawer boxes was their idea in the first place and will actually give the contractor a negative referral.

Excellent quality custom drawer boxes and cabinet doors are always worth the investment, but how does a homeowner know whether he is paying for top quality craftsmanship or just paying a high price? The best way for a person or a contractor to know that they are getting quality drawer boxes is to purchase them from an experienced manufacturer.

Creating A Large Variety of Drawer Boxes

Decore-ative Specialties, which has been in business since 1965, has the experience and talent to create the best drawer boxes available on the market today. It can custom make drawers to a customer or contractor’s specifications out of any species of wood that is available on the market today. In addition, because Decore-ative Specialties carries a large and varied inventory of hardware, it can also create cabinet doors and drawer boxes that will match or will complement the tone or style of the rest of a home, as well.

This manufacturer is an expert in creating a large variety of drawer boxes, including ones with scooped fronts or even ones with stylish curved fronts. In addition, all of its wooden drawer boxes have specially designed slides that allow the box to slow down and close gradually, instead of slamming or rebounding out again. Decore-ative Specialties also offers drawer boxes with dovetail joints, which are more attractive and are sturdier than boxes whose joints are either pinned or doweled.

Bottom line, it’s never a good idea for a homeowner to skimp on the features in a home that will be used on a regular basis.

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