Kitchen Cabinet Finishing to Enhance Happiness

Have you ever walked into a friend’s newly remodeled kitchen and just felt happy? Maybe it’s the clean look and feel of the new cabinets, or maybe it’s the color. Everyone knows that color can make people feel a certain way and the same can be said for the diverse collection of water-based finishes available at Decore-ative Specialties.

Personalizing your kitchen cabinets can create a happy and welcoming atmosphere. Colors like blue or gray create a calming effect and can take away stress after a long day. Depending on the other types of finishes in the kitchen, choosing the right cabinets will enhance your space. If you have dark colored flooring in your kitchen, you should probably consider light cabinets. Choosing a light water-based finish will give your cabinets an elegant look that will reflect light and give your space a cheerful mood.

If you have light colored hardwood floors or tile in your kitchen, you may want to consider darker cabinets. Virginica Brown or Rye are warm sophisticated colors that will add a cozy feel to your kitchen which is often the heart of the home. If your kitchen is open to your family room or dining room, make sure the finishes on your cabinet coordinate with the other colors in the area.

Many homes also show off a large island in the kitchen. When choosing the color for the cabinets – you might want to try a contrasting finish to give the island its own unique look. If your upper cabinets are a light color, consider a darker color on the island or lower cabinet. It’s amazing the impact kitchen cabinets can make in your home and the attitude of your entire family. If you want to create a happy home, decorate your kitchen with beautiful bright colors that make people feel good.
Kitchen Cabinet Finishing

Cabinet Door and Drawer Front Finishing

Cabinet Door and Drawer Front Finishing

Cabinet door and drawer box making is a true Cabinetmaker art form. The ability to transform blah, uninspiring kitchen cabinet doors into a homeowner’s dream takes many years of experience, an eye for detail, and the right products and tools.

At Decore-ative Specialties we understand that cabinet makers are always striving to do their utmost to please their demanding customers. We also understand that it takes a lot of precious time and effort for cabinet makers to keep their customers happy. That is why we have worked hard on our end to design and craft products such as cabinet doors, drawer fronts and drawer boxes that can not only live up to a cabinet maker’s expectations, but also take some of the burden of creation off of their hands.

Cabinet Door Finishing and Drawer Front Finishing

Although we know that cabinet makers typically do their own cabinet door finishing and drawer front finishing, we also know that these jobs can consume a lot of their job time. So we offer our lovingly crafted cabinet doors and drawer fronts in many finished versions, as well as our more traditional unfinished cabinet doors and drawer fronts. By offering cabinet door finishing and drawer front finishing for our cabinet makers, we believe we can help substantially reduce our valuable customer’s work load.

You will find that very few other cabinet door manufacturers offer finished cabinet doors and finished drawer fronts for sale. That is because most cabinet door manufacturers do not want to take on the sometimes substantial additional cost of operating a finishing plant. Most other manufacturers also don’t want to deal with all of the rules and regulations that come with operating such a facility, especially in states like California.

Professional Cabinet Makers

Yes, we know that it would be far easier for our company to follow suit and to not operate a finishing plant, but we believe that this is a valuable service that many of our customers will appreciate, and so we believe it is worth the added aggravation. Just like you, the professional cabinet maker, we at Decore-ative Specialties realize that this extra step is what a lot of our clients are looking for, and so we strive to please our customers, just as you try to please your customers.

Because Decore-ative Specialties has been in business since 1965 and because we are a leader in our industry, we carry all of the materials necessary to create these finished cabinet doors and finished drawer fronts, and we can pride ourselves on being able to craft products that should exactly match your creations.

We offer a variety of finishes, including glazes that allow the beauty of the natural wood to peek through, as well as our Elite Choice paint-based finishes that can completely coat the wood. The Elite Choice finishes creates a sleek no grain look that looks especially fantastic in modern kitchens.

So matter your customer’s preference, colonial, modern or country chic, we believe that our expert and experienced craftsmen can provide just the right finished cabinet door fronts and finished drawer fronts for your projects. We know you take pride in your work, and so we craft our drawer fronts and cabinet doors to meet your high expectations.

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